Homeless Man Fails Miserably at Reverse SNAP Challenge

Special Report: A street person named Bill was nominated to take the reverse SNAP challenge. Here’s how it went.

The Goal: Spend all of the weekly earnings of celebrities taking the SNAP challenge.

Bill bought:

Swiss Chard (looked expensive)

Maltese Citizenship (they approached me)

Diamond encrusted Lamborghini (duh!)

Premier League Football Club (everyone’s buying them)

Russian Fighter Jet (x3)

Trip to Moon on Virgin Galactic

Big Macs (hungry & didn’t know where to buy lobster)

Unfortunately Bill didn’t even come close to spending enough, but that only goes to highlight the extraordinary pressure these billionaires are under, since they earn so much it’s virtually impossible to spend it fast enough to avoid accumulating a massive fortune that sits there doing nothing.

Just before returning to his cardboard box on Skid Row, Bill expressed the hope that his failed attempt at the reverse SNAP challenge will lead to a greater understanding of the plight of the super rich.

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