Hospital Where RBG Is Being Treated Inundated With Freshly Plucked Lungs

The hospital where Ruth Bader Ginsburg is receiving treatment for two malignant nodules identified in her lung is kindly asking people to stop sending their organs there.

“We think democrats are just ripping out one of theirs and mailing it in.”

Medical staff reminded people that the nodules will be removed and there is no need for replacement lungs at this time, which would be procured through normal donation channels in any case.

“Really, you’re much better off keeping both your lungs instead of rashly giving one up like this.”

They are particularly concerned that some ardent RGB supporters may be giving up both of their lungs just in case that helps preserve the liberal wing of the court.

“How are you even breathing? You need to keep your health to be able to vote in 2020.”

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  1. Is Ruth bader ginsburg receiveing adrenochrome treatment

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