Houston Man Admits Co-Workers Bullied Son After He Took Over The Family Business

[Houston, TX] A popular retired Texas businessman, George HW Bush of Houston, admitted regret today that he stood by as his former colleagues bullied his son when he took over the family business. That his son even wanted to step into his shoes was unexpected at the time.

“I was shocked when he said he wanted to take over and I certainly had my doubts, but he was my eldest and I felt I owed it to him to let him give it a try.”

When the son inherited the family business he also inherited his father’s former employees.

“He didn’t seem to have any friends his own age to go in with him so I thought he’d be in good hands with my peers to guide him.”

Unfortunately, without the restraining presence of their former boss, they ran riot over day-to-day operations.

“They’re assholes basically, but at least under my thumb they were competent house-trained assholes. I guess I believed it was important to let my son stand on his own two feet.”

His son, who is also called George, denies there was a problem and says he was fully in charge of the family business the whole time.

My dad’s friends are great. I’m not scared of them at all. They’re not here are they?”

He then retired to his room and locked the door. Unfortunately, says the father, his son and his former co-workers nearly drove the family business into the ground, requiring a caretaker manager to be brought in to avert disaster and make it profitable again, which took almost a full eight years.

“Now that it’s in relatively good shape my other son suddenly wants to take over! But I’ve insisted he compete for the position along with anyone else who applies.”

When asked if he’ll handle things differently with his other son in charge, he admits he doesn’t believe it will come to pass.

“I think it’s finally time to sell up for good.”

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