Huge Disillusionment As Donald Trump Is Caught Out Telling The Truth

Can never be trusted not to tell the truth again.

GOP nominee Donald Trump committed a potentially fatal error today when he was caught red-handed in the act of telling the truth. Supporters and non-supporters alike were united in their shock and disgust.

“I rely on the fact that Donald Trump lies every time he opens his mouth. This is a terrible breach of trust.”

Americans have grown to place such a high premium on Trump’s dishonesty that even this solitary incidence of not fabricating the truth may be one too many. Members of his own campaign staff struggle to see how they can move past this and forgive him.

“You think you know someone, and then one day they turn around and don’t lie straight to your face. Despicable. Utterly despicable.”

Though hardly anyone close to the candidate can bear to talk about it, a source said the damning utterance occurred when someone asked Trump where the restroom was, and later found one exactly where he had said to look.

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