Huge Immigrant Caravan Feared Lost After Vanishing Into Thin Air

Fears are growing that an enormous crowd of immigrants hoping for new lives in the United States are dead, after they seemingly vanished into thin air in the aftermath of the midterm elections.

“One minute there were hordes of immigrants descending upon the United States, and the next they were nowhere to be seen.”

Theories as to what caused their disappearance range from being swallowed up by a giant sinkhole to a mass alien abduction.

“We searched high and low and all we could find were a few Hondurans hundreds of miles from the US border, which was not the immigrant caravan we all heard about, obviously.”

One of the most affected is President Trump, who is so distraught over their apparent demise that he cannot bring himself to speak of them anymore.

“His grief is so great, I don’t expect he will be able to talk about it until late in 2019.”

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