Huge White Power Rally Planned For This Friday In North Carolina

The largest ever gathering of White Supremacists is being held in North Carolina in Friday, according to very reliable sources.

“All you tiki-torchbearers from Charlottesville, we want to see you in Myrtle Beach!”

It’s been put together fairly quickly, so everyone needs to spread the word that fans of the Confederate flag need to get to the North Carolina coastline to show their opposition to their history being erased.

“Everyone knows the huge role the Carolinas played in the Civil war and how many statues of General Lee they have there which are in danger of being removed.”

Organizers say participants should to get to Myrtle Beach or the Outer Banks anyway they can and they will receive further instructions once they have arrived.

“We want everyone to meet all along the beach so we can listen to speeches and do racist stuff and the like. Oh, and Ted Nugent’s doing a free concert!”

The Black Lives Matter movement, who are aware of the rally, said there would be no counter demonstrations this time.

“We should let them protest in peace and not join them in North Carolina because First Amendment and so on. Repeat, do not go to North Carolina to counter protest.”

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  1. I live 20 miles South of Myrtle Beach and have not heard of this event.

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