Senator Graham Says If Obamacare Not Repealed Everyone Will Want Cancer

Senate Majority leader Mitch McConnell has indicated he intends to bring the Graham-Cassidy bill – the latest attempt to repeal the Affordable Care Act (ACA) or Obamacare – for a vote next week.

Co-author of the bill Senator Linsdey Graham of South Carolina said he is confident they can successfully repeal Obamacare this time around, and stressed how important it is.

“Just like welfare payments ensure nobody ever wants to work again, if we let people have affordable health insurance then everyone will want cancer.”

Graham says it wouldn’t end there, as people will respond by driving vehicles into walls so they can take advantage of government-subsidized invasive surgeries to repair torn aortas.

“Either vote for my repeal bill, or watch as everyone loads up their brains with amyloid plaques so they can develop Alzheimer’s and have fun at the doctor’s office.”

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12 Comments on "Senator Graham Says If Obamacare Not Repealed Everyone Will Want Cancer"

  1. Well, Breaking Burgh IS a satirical blog, much like The Onion or Andy Borowitz…but I didn’t realize that and was so thankful I noticed it just before I shared!! My conservative family and friends would have been all over this!

  2. I can’t believe what this IDIOT just said! That has to be the most DISPICABLE thing EVER uttered by a U.S. Senator! Oh for the days of tar and feathering!

  3. The guy is off the rails, I can see people standing in line to get sick or injured. Not one sane person sits around wishing they were sick or in the hospital. I find it very funny that the US spends an average of $7,000.00 per person on health care and Canada spends $3,000.00 and Canada has a much better health care system where everyone can get treatment if needed.

  4. All these healthcare plans benefit the big money makers on top. The managed care officers are making billions still while people can not afford Obamacare. We are still paying for surrogates coming to America to have a baby and if there are issues with the child they leave it here. We pay for it

  5. It’s high time that those of you that were elected by us(WE THE PEOPLE)
    begin to represent us and not the crooks, corporate interest and the Brothers Koch.
    We vote that your healthcare be changed to whatever ours will be!

  6. Graham another idiot , I can’t stand him either

  7. No, he did not say that! That is about the most ignorant statement I have ever heard. I watched my youngest sister die from pancreatic cancer. No one in their right mind would ever want that illness. What a shameful statement from an American Senator. And this man calls John McCain a good friend. Oh yeah, McCain has money so he didn’t ask for his cancer. Only poor people with ACA would ask for cancer. Hey South Carolina, you can do much better than this ignorant fool. Get rid of him!

  8. How much were you paid ?? Why dont you include in the plan that you and your cohorts in Congress Abide by the same Healthcare that you think is great !!

  9. Graham Is now displaying a real fear of reprisal
    from both the GOP constituents as well as the
    financier Koch brothers.. Nothing else matters to
    him now. Win win win … for Donald!!!

  10. What a dumb remark. It’s a right of the people to medical care. You have medical Care that is one of the best.You know in the past block grants to the states do not work. The states had misuse of funds, almost no medical coverage. You are a dirtbag.

  11. Your logic on healthcare and people is truly warped.

  12. Your another crazy republican. No one wants cancer. Ask John McCain. All you need to do is single pay. Unless you will miss payments from big pharma, etc.

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