Independent Countries Trump Has Made Up Now A Significant Trading Block

With the introduction of Normay, a Scandinavian nation heretofore unknown to the world, the group of Trump Made Up Countries (TMUC) has decided to officially negotiate with the rest of the world as a unified trading block.

The TMUC block is a diverse group of countries not tied together geographically, but by their common origin in the mind of the 45th President of the United States.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson expressed a keen interest in negotiating a free-trade agreement with TMUC once Brexit occurs, as he says it is probably the most realistic free trade agreement that will be on offer then.

For those unfamiliar with the nations that comprise the TMUC block, here is a quick guide:

Normay: Much more peaceful than its neighbor Sweden which is permanently on fire due to constant suicide bombing.

The Independent US Virgin Islands: Stole our country’s name to use as part of their own. Unfair!

Nambia: Famed for its big game hunting.

Hawaii: Only bad people come from here. Sad!

Puerto Rico: Full of crybabies who expect as much help as actual Americans when disaster strikes.

People’s Republic Of Covfefe: Paradise on Earth – live here if you can.

The Cyber: Like to keep to themselves. Be wary.

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