Indian Nations Send White House Invoice For 300 Trillion Dollars In Back Rent

Taking its cue from President Trump’s decision to hand Germany an invoice for NATO services, the National Congress of American Indians has sent an invoice to the White House for 300 trillion dollars in unpaid back rent inclusive of interest.

Speaking on behalf of the organization, President Brian Cladoosby said they were very pleased with the Trump administration’s new way of doing things.

“We welcome the President’s novel approach of simple invoicing.”

Cladoosby confirmed that the Unites States would only be responsible for back rent from the time they took over the lease in 1776. Any outstanding balance from before then would be taken up with the British Prime Minister and the French President.

The 300 trillion dollar invoice only concerns arrears, and does not address rent due going forward for which an updated lease remains to be negotiated. If both parties fail to agree on terms to renew, the United States will have to vacate the North American continent within 30 days.

In that scenario an additional cleanup charge would be due as a security deposit was not provided initially.

“Clearly you wouldn’t be handing it back in the condition you received it.”

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57 Comments on "Indian Nations Send White House Invoice For 300 Trillion Dollars In Back Rent"

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  3. What in hell are those dissatisfied idiots doing on an Indian site to begin with ,anyway?
    Moochers and squatters, nothing more nothing less.

  4. To those who are unhappy about post….it’s only a joke.Damn,your shorts got in bunch. Have it your way. Dear Squatters, your next.Pack up.

  5. Those so called indian on those Reserves are not the true heirs of this land! They are “$5.00 Indians. This land belong to the tribes of moors whom can prove it by land marks and also blood!!!! # take Note!

    • Well I’m a decendent if Chief Washakie from the Eastern Shoshone tribe… and with what has been done in supreme courts and other gov official rooms, my grandfather earned our reservation… my grandfather helped white settlers travel west and scouted for them to be safe on their journey by scouting other rival tribes and war party’s so people who don’t know our full background is very ignorant to our lives and how they were changed our land was taken and we was placed in small areas of this was done to you, you would understand the resent ment… there were a lot of tribes that suffered things they didn’t deserve… being a descendent and trying to do good for my community I do my best to follow my 6th great grandfather (doe•go) foot steps they are big moccasins to fill but one day I’ll fill them or come close… you need to learn your Native American history and do research on why our reservations keep getting smaller and smaller and are not being bought just taken…. that was never apart of the agreement! I stand behind the invoice. Everyone is so quick to charge someone with a bill now it’s our time to stand up for what was wrong and done along time ago that has made a lot of those people your talking about roll over in our graves we live in cross generational trauma from the governments expansion and boarding schools for the Native Americans being raped and taken advantage of that all effects our community’s today if.
      If an individual did something like this they would have a consequence to face why shouldn’t the government be held accountable as well? They should have consequences as well no one should be above the law including the law its self that is why the branches of the government was created so that not one person or branch had to much power but the law itself has to much power to this day…. it’s secretly turned in to a dictatorship there is someone other then the people that gives the president his orders…. this world has evolved in to massive world domination and intimidation next time you walk down the street and tell people help hope your having a blessed day see how many shrugs or funny looks. It’s because people believe that if they can intimidate someone they have control or power… the drug war is so powerful that the Mexican king cartel leader el chapped Joaquin Guzman Lorea was paying off the DEA for years allowing Cocaine Heroine Meth and all kinds of other drugs in to our country when their job is to find those people and arrest them not to help but the money was the power and dominance. I hope that my message makes people realize that fucked up things have been happening to us Native American people for along time but it’s because of this government which still allows and condones to the fucked up things that happen to this day

      • Chief Washakie Decendant. Thank you for your wise insights, what an honor to of his family. I am white, born in Wyoming, with a long study of Native American cultures. As a youth, I was deeply impressed with what was accomplished by Chief Washakie and in more recent times visited the reservation to pay homage to him and his people. I have walked the Native lands in the Wind River Range. The great Chief, in his 100 years, was one of the best and most successful leaders. He stands as an example of what could be, even now.

    • Go home…

      • You’re like the 12 year old African American living in USA claiming he wants reparations for slavery. You never experienced it. Your father never experienced it. Your grandfather never experienced it. You are owed nothing.

        • You Have No Idea What We Have Experienced.

        • Your ignorance shows your character. The wrongs against my people have never stopped. I suggest you educate yourself.

        • Actually, my great grandfather was killed in front of my grandma and the rest of his kids because he refused to give up the land my family owned to “give” to the union. My family has been on this land since before the white man came over. You have no idea what we have been through and it does directly affect us today.

    • Good thing it’s not up to you.

    • Why are you ashamed to only be from Africa? -Native not american

  6. Don’t forget the gold and silver,and other precious minerals n oil that was taken and not paid for

  7. A quote from one of my aunt’s who had 4 brothers serve in WWII. ” and you Germans can stay on the settlement”. True…maybe the families are due some reparations.

  8. Sherri McEwen | April 25, 2020 at 4:31 am | Reply

    Makes sense to me. But since the renters have been here more than 6 years I think a 60 day pay or quit is sufficient. I think the payment is more than fair. Start with that then The People can go from place to place and access damages price of clean up reforrestation water clean up air. All those that live here and do nothing but hate let them go someplace else but here? Naw time to go.

  9. The mightly Sioux Nation never lost a war with the US Government, we signed treaties with the US Gov to not wage war and in return, the US Gov was required to provide services. Now were all supposed to be Americans, our tribal members to this day still serve our nation with pride at a much higher rate per-capita than any other race and are still known as some of the most fierce soldiers, Marines etc… We are supposed to be the UNITED STATES but there are those who still feel the need to divide and insist that there race is better than everyone else. My mother was Sioux, she was an educated woman who served people for over 33 years as a physician’s assistant, my father white was from Texas, joined the Navy and settle in Denver CO and retired after 30 years as a Lieutenant Detective, I am a Marine who returned home and earned my degree in criminal justice then spent 25 years as a police officer all the way to Chief of Police. I come from an educated and patriotic family, I’m a proud Oglala Sioux and American and I love my country. I love my family on the reservation and I love my father and aunties and cousin, and nephews and nieces who are white and also the ones that are Sioux. Now why cant everyone learn to respect each other. God Bless the Oglala Sioux Tribe and God Bless America Semper Fi Devil Dog for life.

  10. Maureen Curran | April 18, 2020 at 7:40 pm | Reply

    I would be happy to live in Ireland or Poland, land of my ancestors. I was treated no better than the Native Americans here, when the New Bedford,MA public schools basically stole my pay, but of course I still need my tiny social security pittance check to live on, and they should pay me over $200,000 in back pay.

  11. “When a war between nations is lost, the loser, we know, pays the cost. But even when Germany fell to your hands, consider dear lady, consider dear man:::… You left them their pride, and you left them their land, and what have you done with these ones?” — Buffy Ste. Marie

  12. “When a war between nations is lost — the loser, we know, pays the cost… But even when Germany fell to your hands, consider, dear brother, consider, dear friend:::: — You left them their pride, and you left them their land, and what have you done with these ones? –Excerpt from song by Buffy Ste. Marie (Native American)

  13. *then

    News carries much more weight with proper spelling, grammar and punctuation. SMH.

  14. Parvez Hirji | April 2, 2017 at 9:05 pm | Reply

    I think is very thing to justify the real world to the Bristish and west what harm they did to rest of the world still doing the world at large we must get our lost divinity and resources back and compensation for all this years it could be Afiica, Asia , Middle East ,Australia, Newsland and Noth and South America so all can come real reality as who is who Inshallah with God wishes Ameen

  15. Patrick Hancock | April 2, 2017 at 8:27 pm | Reply

    Has anyone from the White House press core asked Sean Spicer about this at the “daily briefing?

  16. Reparations,perhaps to british colonies.. south asia.. africa.. or at least saying sorry, british parliament and the monrach? Ring a bell?

  17. Jesus Christ, you morons, this is a satire site.

  18. Then after they get their money they will need to go back and pay the tribes that they conquered for their land.Because if you think it was all peachy and no wars your dillusional.But i cant fault them for trying!

  19. Your are all so funny. What little history you know only serves your phony outrage. Go back to whatever European country spawned your sorry line. Oh, by the way, Donald Trump is the president. Your tears bring us joy.

  20. Carmel Dunham | March 31, 2017 at 9:40 am | Reply

    Awesome! Trump will have a hissy fit!Trump might Tweet about it,I hope so too. I wish you well. It’s what he deserves.

  21. Lorraine Wright | March 31, 2017 at 8:27 am | Reply

    Wonder if we can evict the royal family. I don’t see why not. They stole everything they currently own.

  22. The Indians lost the land. No one leased it. Indians weren’t strong enough and were overtaken. It’s not their land

    • Exactly. These descendents of “Turtle Islanders” weren’t even the first to come up with this reparations con. Who taught that big chief to write? Where did he get paper? Walmart, probably.

    • Wow! Seriously! Outnumbered, No weapons, and BTW Native American(NOT INDIAN) were and are peaceful. Didn’t need guns. White people brought that. Along with the violence, diseases, and have no respect for the land or water. Which is why the world is dissolving. SAD! SUCH HATE.


  24. Cynthia Albrecht | March 30, 2017 at 4:30 pm | Reply

    See if they’ll compromise and give your lands and reservations back. Along with monthly payments to the reservations. Monthly payments deemed by each reservation.
    I think this is wonderful and it’s about time you were paid!!!

  25. Finally!!! NCAI takes a real stand. You would never see [email protected] NIGA do this sort of t. They are busy”…protecting our sovereignty “. Bahahaha

  26. Ric l Carter | March 30, 2017 at 3:13 pm | Reply

    The sad thing is, most of the commentators here seem to not know this is a hoax site.

  27. While you’re at it, remind DonnieBoy that since he hasn’t paid federal taxes in 20 years, you’ll pull the 1st chunk of reparations outta *HIS* pocket.

  28. Dream sequence complete, and fade to black! Thank you for the valiant and symbolic effort! Great move! Sadly, we’ve never received any verbal, oral, apology from a siting President, in the history of their occupation, and within the dark shawdows of their colonization, assimilation, and near genocide of hundreds of millions of Indigenous Peoples of Turtle Island. As well as the desecration of our sacred homelands, water, air, and all our sacred relations we cherish. I’m a positive thinker, and a big dreamer, even I can’t fathom, we’ll ever see that invoice paid, and future debt settled. But the gesture is awesome!

  29. Adamee Atsiqtaq | March 30, 2017 at 8:12 am | Reply

    Can I be the evictor if they don’t pay? I’d like to give Trump the “Boot” right in his ass.

  30. Ivonne Michel | March 30, 2017 at 3:54 am | Reply

    Good luck! I love that you are billing him!

  31. WOW! HOLY COW! I think this is terrific! I say this in earnest “GO FOR IT”. It’s about time the Native Americans sought justice; you are within your constitutional rights! I am a strong advocate for Native Americans

    • We have been trying to seek justice for the last five hundred years.Read Wolfchild v the United States and Wolfchild v the State of Minnesota and read the history in these briefs. SCOTUS have refused us twice and the law is on OUR side.

  32. About time! They can take their so called laws they write then break — Just like the treaties. Provide your European enforced document- CIB or politely leave.

  33. Keep hounding Trump and government. If you win, I’ll pay rent on my 5 acres to you!. Wish you all the luck in the world!

  34. Rick Ciaraldi | March 29, 2017 at 3:52 am | Reply

    I love it!! But good luck it’s not like Trump is known for paying his bills.

  35. Don’t forget the Spanish.

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