Intelligence Agencies Seeking Comic Strip Artist To Draw President’s Daily Briefing

An unusual job posting appeared on today seeking a comic strip artist to assist in producing the President’s Daily Briefing used to inform President Trump about the current threats facing the United States.

This follows earlier attempts to reduce the briefing to a page, then a memo, then to deliver it orally instead, all seemingly without success.

Wanted: Comic strip artist to assist in preparation of daily intelligence briefing for President Trump to review.


Skills: Ability to reduce complex geopolitical threats and risk assessments to an amusing comic strip (3 panels MAX)

Note: Must be able to write dialog at five-year-old level.

If interested, please forward portfolio to [email protected]

When asked why he would hire a graphic artist to do this, Director of National Intelligence Dan Coats said “It’s worth a shot”.

This follows an earlier proposal to have the PDB read out live on FOX News which was considered highly promising, until someone realized that would mean anyone with cable would also have access to the highly classified information.

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