Internet Going Nuts Over This Photo Of Ashley Olsen – Or Is It Mary-Kate Olsen?

Image credit: adapted from 'Ashley Olsen' by David Shankbone via Commons license CC BY 3.0.

First it was shiny legs or white paint, then it was wailing Bill Murray – or was it wailing Tom hanks? But those reactions were nothing compared to the latest online celebrity picture that’s driving people crazy.

“One minute it looks like celebrity actress Ashley Olsen, and the next I’m convinced it’s celebrity actress Mary-Kate Olsen. Someone help me out, PLEAZZZE!!!”

Compounding the issue is the fact that Ashley Olsen – or, according to half of twitter, Mary-Kate Oslen – appears to have a very shiny face – or is it white paint?

“I was convinced she had a shiny face, until I read it might be white paint, and now I can’t un-see the white paint!!!*&#$#???”

Detailed wonky explanations that point out that both shiny things and white things reflect much more light than surrounding objects have done little to quell the rising anxiety.

“I can’t believe that two things that are not exactly the same thing could look like each other under certain conditions. CRAAZZZYYY!”

Social media experts say the one thing they are glad of is that the person in the picture, whoever it may be, is not wearing a dress that could be either black and blue or white and gold.

“If that had been the case, the Internet could have been broken for real this time.’

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