Internet Policeman Looking Forward To Commenting “Too Soon” All Day Today

Local self-appointed internet policeman Jeff Stamen said he has taken the day off work to focus on his annual ritual of commenting ‘too soon’ on posts he deems insufficiently respectful of the anniversary of 9/11.

“It takes some looking, but they’re out there.”

Jeff says throughout the year he is normally restricted to commenting on gun control posts in the wake of mass shootings, but 9/11 is the gift that keeps on giving.

“It still feels just like it did when I was commenting ‘too soon’ way back in 2006.”

He admits he didn’t dare even comment ‘too soon’ on posts related to 9/11 during the first five years after it happened.

“It was… well… you know.”

With a new generation growing up that have little or no memory of the events of the tragic day, he even plans to adopt new strategies to satisfy his need to enforce his moral authority over strangers on the internet.

“I’m think of commenting ‘don’t you know what day it is?’ on any frivolous posts on any other matters made by people under 20.”

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  1. הם רק הכירו אבל זה לא מנע מהם לקיים סקס סוער ישר בדייט הראשוןשירותי ליווי

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