IRA’s Indiscriminate Slaughter Of Civilians Looking Pretty Lame Now

[Special Terror Report: Spotlight On Ireland] Horrific recent events in France have been affecting people the world over, but perhaps nowhere more than in Ireland’s border counties where former members of paramilitary organizations associated with the period known as The Troubles are feeling an unexpected wave of shame.

“Used to be I could hold my head up high – but these days I can’t bring myself to show my face after these ISIS lads have shown what’s possible.”

During the Republican armed campaign – which had arguable legitimacy initially based on oppression of a large minority by a one-party state and the need to defend vulnerable Catholic areas – many decided instead to go for a full terror orgy for the hell of it, or so they thought.

“We truly believed we were pulling out all the stops when it came to the mass indiscriminate killing of innocent civilians. Now that boast just rings hollow.”

Even ultra-extremist splinter group The Real IRA – who carried out the infamous Omagh bombing – seems to have lost some of its legendary swagger.

“I’d be ashamed to even bring up my role in it now, given how tame it seems compared to what that fella in Nice pulled off with just a heavy goods vehicle.”

Despite efforts to cheer them up by reminding them that the IRA repeatedly targeted women and children too, the retired freedom fighters can’t shake the feeling that they could have done so much more.
“And to think all the while we thought we were giving it our all. Ah well – water under the bridge now with the peace process I suppose.”

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