Irish-American Male Announces Intention To Use The Word ‘Sláinte’

(Pittsburgh, PA) Local resident Connor McCandles has let it be known that he is very close to using the word ‘Sláinte’ as a regular greeting in honor of his Irish-American heritage.

He will be staying clear of Irish bars for now as he felt he got carried away when he described a Céile band to some real Irish lads as ‘sound’ and ‘fuckin deadly’ with less than optimal results.

Undeterred, Connor says he also plans to start using the word ‘cunt’ frequently in everyday conversation, and tell anyone who objects that it’s not nearly as big a deal to say it ‘over there’.

Additionally, the St. Patrick’s Day enthusiast is trying to understand in what contexts he can use the phrase ‘in me hole’, but is proceeding cautiously as he fears that could cause problems if used incorrectly.

2 Comments on "Irish-American Male Announces Intention To Use The Word ‘Sláinte’"

  1. Beth Mattson-Hinzelin | February 11, 2017 at 12:48 pm | Reply

    I discovered only last week this insanely guffaw-inducing site when I came upon the “Grizzly Bears Fleeing Classrooms” article on my FB page. I peed. ‘Breakingburgh’ is therapy. Absolute therapy. Many many “merci’s” from here in France.

    • NotMySoCalledPOTUS | February 11, 2017 at 5:24 pm | Reply

      You mean our so called POTUS isn’t funny enough? I thought we were the ones that needed a laugh since everyone else in the world gets to laugh at the so called man we elected! Did you read the comments about the Grizzly bears fleeing? They rivaled the original article for humor – some people wouldn’t know a joke if it was their president…

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