Isolated Tribe Says Trump Pressured It To Investigate Democrats

(Acre, Brazil) As more and more countries reveal that President Trump pressured them to intervene in domestic US politics to his advantage, there was major anthropological news today as an isolated tribe – hitherto believed to be uncontacted – asked to speak with the wider world.

“It sounded urgent.”

Fearing the remote insulated community located deep in the Amazon rainforest was experiencing a catastrophic medical emergency, authorities responded only to learn the tribe just wants President Trump to stop urging them to dig up dirt on big-shot Democrats.

“We don’t even know what a Biden is? Dirt? Yes.”

They were particularly distraught when son Eric Trump repeatedly appeared in their rudimentary dwellings asking if they had anything on Adam Schiff.

“We were terrified by his appearance and the fact he may harbor deadly diseases we have no immunity to – but mainly his appearance.”

When informed who Biden was – and what elections were – the hunter-gatherers said they would not say a bad word against him.

“But don’t take that as an endorsement – we’re Team Warren all the way down here.”

11 Comments on "Isolated Tribe Says Trump Pressured It To Investigate Democrats"

  1. To stupid to even be a joke!!!

  2. I just returned from the Amazon and they were telling me the same thing

  3. We all need a laugh once in a while. Thanks for this one!

  4. Y’all just jealous because he is a man of god doing his job and them sorry DEMOCRATS can’t stand it GI TRUMP

  5. Hilarious! Don’t send it to tRump. He may get ideas.

  6. You are hilarious! Take my trump…Totally ready to do my earth scorching on someone’s head! Lol Great job, right to the end, but trying really hard for evidence….thanks, regrets to Eric

  7. This is hilarious. I just tweeted – can’t wait for the headline-only readers to respond!!!

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