Japanese Koi Carp Come To Trump’s Defense In Fishfoodgate Scandal

President Trump has been the subject of ridicule after photos emerged of him dumping a whole box of food into a pond of ornamental Japanese Koi at the Akasaka Palace in Tokyo. However the US President found some unlikely defenders in the Koi carp themselves.

“All these guarded dignitaries come here and delicately dispense the tiniest amount of fish food to us. But not this guy. Go Trump!”

While it later emerged that President Trump only tipped his box of food after Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe had done the exact same thing, the fish say that doesn’t diminish their enthusiasm for the American Leader.

“Abe only did that because he was inspired to excess by your President. Sure Trump’s got some weird policies but I’ve never had so much chow at one time. Make America Great Again!”

Though the fish seem happier than ever, aquarists tasked with their care expressed concern for the Koi, which can live for many decades but have delicate immune systems.

“They’ve put on weight and don’t swim about nearly as much as they used to. Also a watertight TV somehow got into the pool which they watch constantly.”

The Koi have reportedly expressed the wish that President Trump return soon, and are hoping he brings burgers next time.

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