Japanese Prime Minister Steals Title For Most Unimpressed Face From McKayla Maroney

We all remember her from the famous “not impressed” photograph after winning silver in the 2012 Olympics. Since then, McKayla Maroney has represented the pinnacle of conveying displeasure without saying a word.

Until now.

During a press conference with President Trump, Japanese Prime Minister Shinzō Abe staked his claim for the grand title of most disgusted face following a protracted 19-second hand shake with the American President.

Facial expression experts advise people to look at the full video rather that pictures to get the full power of what Abe has achieved.

“McKayla went with a classic screwed-up expression that comes across well in still photography. However, Abe appears to have combined something similar with a full eye roll, which is best appreciated through the dynamic medium of video.”

Others simple marveled at what Abe managed to convey without needing to say a word.

“Shock, disgust, bemusement – it’s all there!”

The consequences of displacing Maroney could mean great things for the Japanese leader, who is set for a long life in the public consciousness as memes get circulated and offers of auto-insurance commercials come flooding in.

“McKayla’s iconic pouting earned her a trip to the White House. Obviously that is the last thing Abe wants right now but I foresee lots of other doors opening for him.”

2 Comments on "Japanese Prime Minister Steals Title For Most Unimpressed Face From McKayla Maroney"

  1. Mr. Abe’s face expresses a great deal, but his body language conveys his reflex response to the Trump overture. Note the effort of his arms to propel himself out of the chair away from Mr. T in order to escape as quickly as possible. During that long caress perhaps he was considering where that hand had been. Fortunately he regained control, resisted the flight impulse and sat back down so as not to cause a diplomatic incident. Check out John Oliver on Last Week Tonight Feb. 12. for more Trump hand shaking faux pas. More like a shakedown.

    Trump’s bull in the the China closet approach was also glaringly obvious on Inauguration Day when he left Melanie to get out of the black SUV on her own and walk around the back of the car while he rushed ahead to meet the Obamas. Manners counseling needed ASAP!!

  2. NotMySoCalledPOTUS | February 11, 2017 at 5:37 pm | Reply

    I’d just like to ask Abe if Japan is accepting United States’ refugees? A sane leader would be a nice change and anyone who disagrees with our so called POTUS is in danger from our current regime.

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