Jared Kushner Vigorously Denies Any Collusion With The Truth

Jared Kushner fought back strongly today during questioning by Senate investigators, insisting that allegations he may have been truthful in the past were completely misplaced.

“Let me be very clear: I did not collude with the truth, nor do I know of anyone else in the campaign who did so.”

The accusation of truthfulness is being opposed vigorously by Kushner since, if true, it would put him at odds with the President, who is also his father in law.

“I resent these despicable allegations intended to drive a wedge between us by suggesting that I am in any way honest.”

Kushner also maintained he has been ‘fully opaque’ throughout the campaign and his time in the White House and said he is ‘eager to share any misinformation I have with the investigating bodies’.

“Whatever you may have heard about me cozying up to the truth is totally false, or should I say, correct.”

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2 Comments on "Jared Kushner Vigorously Denies Any Collusion With The Truth"

  1. Same goes for “collusion” and “collision”. Please don’t tell the Donald that Yellowstone is a supervolcano, or he’ll sell it to Exxon for prospection tomorrow morning. Poor Tillerson, bet right now he wishes he had never hung up his hard hat or quit his business desk.

  2. I get fed up with this constantly appearing spelling mistake. It’s not “collude” but “collide” (not “u” but “i”) followed by a smashing scrunching noise as the truth is bull-dozed, rollered over and utterly flattend to form part of a nearby beltway.The background noise of distant Republicans cheering weakly is usually smothered by the groans and heavy sighs of US citizens with an IQ higher than 85. Want a quieter life with only the Sound of Silence? Come to the Yellowstone Park and drill everywhere for geothermal energy! It’ll come up quicker than you would think possible.

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