Jeff Bezos Inspires Amazon Worker To Realize Dream Of Reaching Food Bank

A local Amazon employee spoke out today about how proud he is to know his boss deems going to space so important, and explained how much it is helping him in his life too.

“Just when I was starting to despair of my circumstances, Jeff Bezos gave me exactly what I needed to continue – inspiration.”

Buoyed by the billionaire’s example, the warehouse associate is now chasing his own dream of not falling asleep hungry every night due to not having a living wage that allows him to both pay rent and buy food.

“Jeff taught me that if I want it hard enough, I can ‘reach for the stars’ by navigating a complex SNAP application after working a grueling 10 1/2 hour graveyard shift to subsidize my inadequate wages.”

But he admitted that, like he assumes is the case with Bezos too, sometimes he struggles to maintain his motivation.

“I’m sure there are times when yelling at engineers to design and build you a space ship seems daunting, just like when I wonder what’s the point of it all when I’m worked like a dog and my only reward is standing in line at the food bank.”

But such doubts go away when he thinks of the person worth over 200 billion dollars off his undervalued labor blasting into space.

“There’s not many that would allow their ego to become that inflated just to make me feel better.”

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