Jeff Bezos Unveils Plan To Drive Moon-Based Independent Bookstores Out Of Business

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos has entered the space business with the announcement of his Blue Moon lunar lander designed to deliver payloads to the moon’s surface.

Though Bezos maintained his lunar lander was in response to NASA’s call for the private sector to develop technology it could use to further its mission, Amazon insiders say that’s just a cover story.

“Really it’s about Jeff’s concern that a Waldens or Borders holdout is still trading up there.”

Having killed off brick & mortar bookstores here on Earth – other than Barnes & Noble which he keeps around as a personal plaything – Bezos is said to be obsessed with the idea that some independent bookstores are still hiding out in the solar system.

“Right now he’s deciding between vaporizing them with a laser or killing their bottom line with two day prime shipping.”

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  1. Ludovico Vincent | May 11, 2019 at 8:31 am | Reply

    Here’s my advice..take it or leave it. There are many areas on the Earth (where we belong0 that do not have safe drinking water. Plough your millions into putting that right and not waste it on b******* like this. Also improve the lives of manual workers in factories and warehouses through technology

  2. All this is nice and good.
    In the meanwhile the earth is piling up with garbage.
    Why not use precious money for something which is really useful, that is clean the planet: sea, land and sky.
    Make a real difference on the environment we live in.
    Would this not bring us more Health and Hope?

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