John Bolton To Replace Dean Winters As Mayhem In Allstate Commercials

The highly competitive world of auto insurance advertizing is abuzz today with news that Allstate is changing up its popular campaign with a new face, former National Security Advisor John Bolton. Representatives for Allstate said that after almost a decade in the role, it was time to replace Dean Winters as Mayhem.

“We were looking for someone who can come in from the sidelines and turn a smoothly proceeding journey into a horrific car crash, and John fit the role perfectly.”

In the first commerical featuring their new star, a group of GOP Senators are safely buckled up in their limos proceeding smoothly along to their intended destination.

“Then Mayhem turns up and all hell breaks loose!”

The ensuing action sequence including a spectacular 53-vehicle pile-up is said to be one of the most ambitious and expensive ever filmed for an auto-insurance ad.

“Michael Bay would be jealous – it’s that good.”

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5 Comments on "John Bolton To Replace Dean Winters As Mayhem In Allstate Commercials"

  1. Wow .. what knothead made that decision? Foolish indeed. Dean Winters will always be Mayhem .. he’s irreplaceable and hysterical! 😂

  2. Ralph hawkins | April 20, 2020 at 8:18 am | Reply

    I am so happy you are getting rid of Dean Winters on your commercials! Each time I see his horrible face I say to myself if IHad a Allstate policy I would cancel it after his commercial!

  3. Grant Williams, I’ve Had a crush on your nephew Dean and his brother since they on OZ. I love his commercials, they a few of the commercials I actually Don’t fast forward through!

  4. Dean is my nephew. My neighbors can hear me laughing. How can I see this film….if there is one?

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