John Kelly Treated For Side Effects Of Too Much Facepalming

White House Chief of Staff John Kelly had to excuse himself briefly today to receive treatment for a facial rash, which medical staff determined was the result of excessive facepalming.

“The skin eventually becomes irritated and if you touch the mucous membranes that provides a route for infection.”

They warn this is especially likely to occur if the eyes are watery.

“Such as when you’re weeping despite being a battle-hardened Marine Corps General because you just can’t believe things have come to this.”

Doctors recommend those facing constant shame and disappointment use a non-facepalm reaction as much as possible.

“Staring at your feet in dismay with your hands clasped together – such as General Kelly did when Trump doubled down after Charlottesville – is preferred.”

In this way the worst physical side effects can be avoided.

“Leaving you free to focus on dealing with the psychological damage of knowing you chose to sign up for this circus.”

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2 Comments on "John Kelly Treated For Side Effects Of Too Much Facepalming"

  1. Yup! He signed up for it.

  2. There is really no cure for facepalming in the presense of Donald Trump. It is incurable to those who have contact with The Donald. Trump is the is the carrier and any who listen to him become infected to the point of having a rash which will not go away and cease until they are no longer employed by Donald Trump. Then they become extremely happy again so much so that they are willing to smile and appear on Saturday Night Live as a parody of themselves.

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