John McCain’s Cancer Devastated To Learn He Has Excellent Medical Insurance

These cancer cells have a long hard road ahead of them.

People of all political stripes were saddened this week to learn that Arizona Senator John McCain has brain cancer, following reports that he has already undergone surgery to remove a mass that was causing problems.

Aggressive brain tumors of this type can be fatal within months if left untreated, but with proper medical attention involving surgery, radiation and chemotherapy, survival can be extended to two years or more.

The cancer had first assumed that McCain – being a proponent of repealing Obamacare – might not carry medical insurance himself on point of principle. Then it remembered that he would have at least some coverage through the VA as a veteran.

The gliobastoma was even more dismayed to discover that McCain has even better medical insurance through his position as a U.S. Senator, as do all member of Congress.

Despite its disappointment, the cancer said it is still looking forward to millions of Americans who could potentially get the same ailment losing their coverage in the future allowing it to kill them quickly with minimal interference.

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  1. As sad as it is to be able to use a devastating illness for satirical purposes, I’m glad you did it. I’ve got a bunch of mutant cells in my brain, too, which makes me radioactive to insurers. Thank Dog for the ACA, or every penny I’ve set aside working my whole life would be lining BCBS investors’ pockets in the years to come.

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