Judge Reinhold Surprised To Be On Shortlist For Supreme Court Nominee

American actor Judge Reinhold expressed surprise today to learn he is a late addition to President Trump’s shortlist of nominees to replace Anthony Kennedy on the US Supreme Court.

“It’s a great honor, I guess.”

Reinhold said he has had no communication with the President and is at a loss as to why he was selected.

“I have no judicial experience, so I guess it’s because my first name is Judge?”

Reinhold also has law enforcement experience of a sort, which he suspects may have factored into Trump’s decision to shortlist him.

“Not to boast but I felt I was pretty damn convincing in Beverly Hills Cop and Beverly Hills Cop II.”

Asked about his opinion on Roe v Wade and other political hot buttons, Reinhold demurs.

“It would not be appropriate to comment now on matters that will likely appear before me on the bench.”

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