Judge Rules Talk Of Sex With Roger Ailes Must Involve Coercion By Definition

Image credit: 'Fox News CEO Roger Ailes Republican' by Flickr user T. J. Hawk license CC BY-SA 2.0.

Fired Fox News presenter Gretchen Carlson has won a major advantage in her sexual harassment lawsuit against her former network’s CEO and chairman Roger Ailes.

A pretrial motion was granted asserting that anyone who ends up having sex with or even entering into a discussion about sex with Roger Ailes is being coerced by definition.

The highly unusual motion was brought by Gretchen Carlson’s legal team, and was about to be dismissed out of hand by the judge when they introduced Exhibit A – a headshot of Ailes.

The Judge admitted the proffered evidence was highly compelling and was inclined to grant the motion when Ailes’s attorneys raised the point that someone might willingly entertain Roger Ailes’s advances in exchange for promised financial rewards or career advancement.

The judge concurred that such compromises do happen in real life and whether this happened here may be a matter for a jury to deliberate. It was then that the prosecution, after a much-appreciated trigger warning, revealed Exhibit B – a picture of a naked Roger Ailes.

“Obviously anyone who is compus mentis and is having sex with or entertaining talk of having sex with that is subject to extreme and illegal coercion and abuse. This is a prima facie matter of legal fact, plain and simple.”

At this point in the proceedings even Ailes’s own defense team said they were prepare to stipulate to pretty much anything Carlson’s legal team desired so long as they promised not to bring out Exhibit B again.

The case continues.

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