Karl Lagerfeld Informs God That Heaven’s Decor Is All Wrong

Image credit: 'Karl Lagerfeld' by Flickr user Global Panorama license CC BY-SA 2.0.

Freshly dead fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld has reportedly wasted no time in telling God that his design sense is ‘atrocious’ and the decor in Heaven would ‘make me kill myself if I wasn’t already dead’.

No aspect of the afterlife escaped criticism by the iconic fashion guru, who was especially critical of the angels.

“These cherubs are all fat. I want thin cherubs, do you hear? Thin cherubs.”

Lagerfeld also demanded to know why he hadn’t been sent to Hell instead.

“At least they have a sense of style down there.”

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  1. Runs With Scissors | March 6, 2019 at 12:46 am | Reply

    ….to which God happily acquiesced. Thus, upon his arrival in Hell, Karl began demanding to know why his Perrier wasn’t properly iced, told Satan that he looked “positively ANCIENT”, and almost made one of the demons cry! Hence…. the eternal torment of the damned began!

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