KFC Introduces Barr Bucket Deal “It’s a whole lotta chicken!”

Fast food purveyor Kentucky Fried Chicken has wasted no time taking advantage of the publicity generated by Democrat Steve Cohen of Tennessee when he brought a bucket of KFC to a House Committee hearing Attorney General Bill Barr was expected to avoid.

“You can’t miss a chance like this when it presents itself.”

With competition already intense due to the Trump administration’s policy of serving fast food at White House State Dinners, KFC welcomed the chance to stand out by introducing the Barr Chicken Bucket.

“Thank you Representative Cohen for choosing us instead of Chick-fil-A, Popeyes, or Yellow Belly Burgers.”

The newly available offering from KFC is described as an excellent affordable source of high-quality protein.

“You won’t find any fries, mashed potatoes or breading in the Barr Bucket – it’s chicken to the core!”

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