Kid Rock Reveals He Was Briefed By Trump On Soleimani Strike Ahead Of Time

Asked today what he thought about Trump’s drone strike on a top Iranian General, Presidential friend Kid Rock gave an answer that took everyone by surprise.

“I’ve had a good while to think about this as I was briefed ahead of time.”

Rock said he was informed of the plan in a personal call made by the President before the call to Senator Lindsey Graham.

“Don said it wouldn’t feel right going ahead with letting me know first.”

Though Graham was initially delighted to receive the call, he is now said to be feeling hurt since, though he was briefed, he was not entrusted with a consulting role like Kid Rock says he was.

“POTUS asked me whether he should go ahead and I said something like ‘time to smoke this one up’ but I was actually talking about lighting the joint in my hand! Crazy, huh?”

Regarding what he thought the repercussions would be for US-Iranian relations, Kid Rock suggested Kanye West would be a better person to go to for an in-depth analysis.

“Don’t worry about getting him up to speed as he’s been in the loop on this from the very beginning.”

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Okay, back to World War Three…

7 Comments on "Kid Rock Reveals He Was Briefed By Trump On Soleimani Strike Ahead Of Time"

  1. I heard the caged Mexican children will one day use Putin’s asset as a Democratic party Pinata.

  2. Daniel Grossnickle | January 5, 2020 at 4:24 pm | Reply

    Thank goodness we have the best minds consulting on this stuff. Let’s get Meatloaf. Chumley and some hookers down to the situation room right away. Go America! Number one!

  3. tRump is the worst POTUS in the history of this country. Every single day he does something deplorable because he is ROTTEN on the inside and is HEARTLESS AND AND CALCULATED and is very evil and dangerous. He MUST GO BEFORE HE RUINS OUR COUNTRY ANY WORSE THAN HE ALREADY HAS!! He is a fucking JOKE!!

  4. Donald trumpthe worst of the worst

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