Kid Rock To Receive Medal Of Freedom After Complaining About Tiger Woods Getting One

The White House has confirmed that Robert James Ritchie, aka Kid Rock, will be presented with the Presidential Medal of Freedom in addition to Tiger Woods as was announced previously.

“The President will be pleased to bestow both Mr. Woods and Mr. Rock with the nation’s highest civilian honor.”

Sources say the Detroit musician was fuming when he heard the golfer was to receive one while he got nothing other than a few visits to the White House and a golf outing, and he let the President know it.

“WTF Big T? I thought we were bros.”

Trump reportedly felt bad about how he had treated Ritchie and relented, though not before offering him the position of Ambassador to the United Nations instead. Ritchie, however, refused.

“Kid Rock wants the bling. Kid Rock needs the bling!”

In a sign that the President’s woes were not over, he was then informed by aides that Kanye and Ted Nugent had called multiple times demanding to speak with him.

16 Comments on "Kid Rock To Receive Medal Of Freedom After Complaining About Tiger Woods Getting One"

  1. This makes about as much sense as Bruce Jenner being named woman of the year 😂😂

  2. Orange boy is an idiot, no doubt, but the Congressional Medal of Freedom has been given to many undeserving recipients over the years, i.e. Emilio Esteffan of the Miami Sound Machine, for one. Based on that alone, although this is a satirical posting, Kid Rock would be just as deserving as Emilio.

  3. How does Tiger Woods deserve one? Just because you win a golf tournament doesn’t qualify you to deserve such an award

  4. Guess no one starts reading at the top of the page or looks @ source – frightening!!!

  5. Seriously, the comments of the kook aid crowd. No wonder he got elected.

  6. Sure, give some white trash who regularly disrespects the flag a presidential medal. That makes sense.

  7. Gerald Dybish | April 17, 2019 at 6:14 pm | Reply

    How in the hell does kid rock deserve any kind of medal.I wish someone can enlighten me.

  8. The comments are actually funnier than the joke. Really morons?

  9. As usual, NOBODY is corralling this asshole in. They just fucking sit there gobsmacked

  10. Barry passed medals out like a Pez dispenser at least Trump picks Americans

  11. The idiot in thief is handing out these metals like candy on Halloween. What freaking moron.

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