Kim Jong-un Issues Unreserved Apology To World’s Dotards

(Pyongyang, DPRK) North Korean leader Kin Jong-un wasted no time firing back a combative response to President Trump’s UN address, which included a threat to ‘totally destroy’ the isolated nation on the Korean peninsula.

In addition to threatening the United States right back, Jong-un added a personal attack on Trump saying he would ‘surely and definitely tame the mentally deranged U.S. dotard with fire’.

However, the North Korean leader has since regretted his use of the word, saying it was unfair towards dotards.

“Just because you are elderly and have become weak and senile does not mean you deserve to be compared to Donald Trump.”

He described the unseemly association as a low blow even coming from someone as depraved as himself.

“I feel bad about it, and I’m someone who routinely kills my own family members without a second thought. So please accept this heartfelt apology.”

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