Kim Jong-un Makes Statement In Support Of The FBI

The FBI has a new supporter in the wake of the Nunes memo release, as North Korean leader Kim Jong-un appeared on state-run television to defend the American law enforcement agency.

“The Nunes memo is an incomplete one-sided document with the shameful purpose of impugning a fine organization whose reputation should be beyond repute.”

Jong-un emphasized that he know where-of he speaks.

“Not to brag, but I some experience with corrupt enforcement agencies whose only function is to serve one political party and crush dissent. That label does not apply to the FBI whose record of independence is impeccable.”

He admits he will be seen as having his own purpose in taking a side in this fight, but insists it’s about more than that.

“I know some of you will say of course he’s going to come out against the Dotard, but even neo-Stalinist dictators need to believe that somewhere there’s an organization dedicated to more than pure self interest.”

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