Kim Jong-un To Celebrate President Trump’s Birthday By Launching 73 Missiles

(Pyongyang DPRK)North Korean leader Kim Jong-un has paid tribute to his friend President Trump on the occasion of his 73rd birthday, saying he has a special gift for him.

“In honor of this momentous occasion I will be launching 73 missiles as a tribute.”

Kim added he will not be launching them all at once as that would not be practical.

“Instead look forward to a program of launches throughout the coming year, with each most impressive than the last.”

The North Korean leader heaped praise on the President, saying he was worth so much more than some lame candles on a cake.

“Those are for losers, which you are most certainly not.”

Trump responded that he was greatly touched by the gesture, and added that if Kim needed any technical help launching his tribute missiles he only had to ask.

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  1. It should be 74! One for good luck. I’ll bet Kim Jong-Un can’t count that HI? Or he’ll just put on a few extra pounds so they will have the same poundage…. while his citizens starve and are malnourished. Some “great” leaders :(. Donny will just tax the poor so the rich don’t have to pay taxes.

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