Lady Gaga And Intel To Perform Tech-Heavy Tribute To Nancy Reagan

Hot on the wheels of her not-quite-Oscar-winning performance, pop star changeling Lady Gaga is working around-the-clock to arrange an extravagant tribute at the Staples Center to Nancy Reagan, the wife of Ronald Reagan who has died aged 94 at her California home.

Gaga was keen not to let her energy level drop after a strong run of enthusiastic performances at the Super Bowl, the Grammies, and the Oscars. After provoking such a strong reaction with her nod to the late David Bowie, preforming another tribute seemed the best option.

But with Iggy pop somehow miraculously still alive, that only left Prince of Tides author Pat Conroy as an unlikely option, until the foremost first lady of the 1980s sadly passed. She will again team up with the Intel corporation to put on a state-of-the-art technological extravaganza, which the microprocessor manufacturer says couldn’t be more appropriate.

“We genuinely believe that Nancy would have been a rabid consumer of cutting edge Intel technology if she was still with us – and under 30 years old – today.”

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