Las Vegas Expands Entertainment Options To Include Gambling With Your Life

(Las Vegas, NV) In an exciting new expansion of its entertainment options, Las Vegas Mayor Carolyn Goodman said she not only hopes to open up soon, but new never-before-seen attractions for gamblers will be available too.

“You can now gamble with your life as well as your money!”

Goodman says the new gambling offering will be available everywhere – in casinos of course, but also at restaurants, department stores, and even outdoors all along the famed Las Vegas Strip.

“Visitors can start gambling with their lives as soon as they arrive at the airport!”

Unfortunately not everyone is on board with the Mayor’s idea to expand the choices for those looking for a little excitement. She responds by saying critics like CNN’s Anderson Cooper just don’t understand how to have a good time.

“Some people are such killjoys!”

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  2. Will the “all nude” dancers wear masks?

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