Late-Night Audience Distressed By Guest Speaking Like Real Person

Viewers of the Late Show with Stephen Colbert on CBS were left reeling after being exposed to a guest, Rose McGowan, who caused huge pain and distress with her conduct.

“She was talking like… like… the real Rose McGowan.”

Appeals that this was something that would not have been out of the ordinary on the Dick Cavett Show of the early 1970s did little to quell their anger.

“I feel so bad for my older relatives who had to put up with that. It sounds like this monster Dick Cavett let his guests speak freely about whatever was on their minds. WTF?”

They were also subject to swear words emanating from their televisions long after every young child in America had been put to bed.

“This wasn’t swearing by a made-up character on Showtime or HBO, which is fine, but by someone who’s that exact same person in real life. IN REAL LIFE!”

Some say they may never return to Late Night, given the extent to which the incident has left them feeling disoriented and confused.

“How am I expected to follow along when guests hop from topic to topic instead of following the same predictable formula used by the last one thousand celebrities who’ve appeared on the show? We can’t all be Einsteins!”

They did note, however, some positive aspects of the interview they could still cling to.

“At least she was selling a book which got mentioned, so there is hope.”

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