Latest DC Fire The Result Of Book Bursting Into Flame Says Fire Marshal

As protests continue in Washington DC, local firefighters have to remain vigilant, and be both prepared to put out the worst fires while being mindful of the situation on the ground.

“We’ve been seeing a lot of dumpster fires, and now this.”

The latest report of fire drew the attention of fire marshals because of how it didn’t fit with most of what they’ve been seeing these past few troublesome days.

“According to multiple eyewitness accounts a visibly unstable man was holding up a book and it suddenly burst into flames.”

All the statements taken say the man never appeared to actually read the book.

“It’s almost like he was using it as a prop or something?”

In addition to the spontaneous combustion, a number of other troubling events occured in the vicinity at around the same time.

“The plywood on boarded-up structures started flapping violently, even though there was no wind.”

The investigation continues.


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