Lazy-Ass Democrats Sit On Floor Instead Of Doing Something About State Of America

Georgie Representative and all-around wastrel John Lewis.

While House Republicans have busied themselves time and time again engaging in symbolic votes against Obamacare despite it being the settled law of the land that cannot be overturned, House Democrats have taken over the chamber with a lame excuse about being fed up with gun violence because they want twitter users to deliver them free pizza.

“What a bunch of selfish greedy politicians.”

Particular disdain is held for Georgia Representative John Lewis, who continues to harp on about his involvement in something called the Civil Rights movement when it’s all a pathetically transparent excuse to have a lie-down and snooze at his place of work.

“How dare they co-opt the gun control issue to have that sleep-over they always wanted.”

GOP members of the House vowed to remain on their feet and carry on the hard work of opposing anything Obama proposes on principle, and transferring more and more political power to a highly unbalanced former Reality TV star. They will also be working tirelessly on the issue of gun control – to prevent it.

“You won’t catch us sitting down.”

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