Lindsey Graham’s Doctor Declares Him Rabies Free “This is just how he is now”

After another episode which had him fulminating and frothing at the mouth, Lindsey Graham underwent testing to determine if he has rabies. Today Graham’s doctor declared the test was negative.

“Though normally I couldn’t talk about it due to doctor-patient confidentially, the prospect of a rabid senator biting and infecting others in Congress is the greater priority. Fortunately I can reveal Lindsey is rabies free.”

Concerns Graham had the animal born disease started in earnest during the hearings for Justice Kavanaugh, and have only increased since. Many close to him reported abrupt changes in behavior that suggested he had been infected with a dangerous pathogen.

With rabies ruled out, the hunt now begin to determine what else might be causing his ever-more dangerous bouts of insanity. Experts say whatever it is, it needs to be contained and fast.

“We cannot allow this devastating illness to spread any further than it already has.”

2 Comments on "Lindsey Graham’s Doctor Declares Him Rabies Free “This is just how he is now”"

  1. Euthanize him and put him out of his misery.

  2. Was it the same doctor that declared Trump FIT ?

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