Local Airline Startup YINZ-AIR To Commence Operations

With Pittsburgh having been hit by the loss of discount airline WOW, a local startup has stepped in to fill the void by providing area travellers with low cost air travel. YINZ-AIR will offer cheap flights to popular destinations with touches you won’t find on competitor Spirit Airlines.

“Yinz won’t find wine or fancy spirits on YINZ-AIR. We keep costs low by only stocking IC Light and Turner’s Iced Tea.”

Snacks will be available for purchase, including Sarris candies and reheated Mrs. T’s. The famous Primanti’s cheesesteak sandwich will also be offered with a two-tiered pricing structure.

“If yinz can prove yinz live in Southwestern PA we’ll charge you the same as it would cost in the Strip, otherwise it’s however many tourist dollars we can squeeze out of yinz.”

All flights will be open seating, though you can pay a special fee to have a particular seat reserved if you want.

“Just look for the seat with a cheap lawn chair with your name on it.”

Flights will depart Pittsburgh daily for Las Vegas, Myrtle Beach, and Altantic City.

“All the places Pittsburghers fly to, in other words.”

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  1. Thank God. With out this, I might never get my Primanti’s while going to myrtle beach. This is a lifesaver.

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