Local Blogger Claims City Paper’s Best Of Pittsburgh Poll Is Rigged

A local ‘entertainment’ website that is up for Best Local Blogger in the Annual City Paper Best Of Pittsburgh Poll is causing a stir after claiming the whole process is rigged, despite the fact that voting hasn’t even concluded.

Breaking Burgh’, which describes itself as a ‘A Satirical Blog For Western Pennsylvania and Beyond’, is thought to be doing so in a cynical ploy to discredit the results in the event it does not win its category.

Though treated as a joke at first, people started to get worried when Breaking Burgh got itself on the ballot this year, alongside established Pittsburgh bloggers like yajagoff and Very Smart Brothas.

“Frankly, the way it has comported itself since then is disgraceful.”

Though it claims to be ‘very very successful’, internet traffic records show Breaking Burgh routinely produces dud articles, despite showy local successes about Google taking over the city and breakout national articles on Beaker being appointed White House communications director and the Oregon wildlife sanctuary occupation.

It has even gone so far as to delve into self-publishing, however titles like ‘How To Tell Your Cat About Trump’ suggest this is not the second coming of Mark Twain.

Critics argue that Breaking Burgh has only made its name by picking fights with local celebrities, such as Wendy Bell, Wendy Bell, Wendy Bell, and Wendy Bell, and by pulling juvenile stunts like saying Mayor Peduto is introducing a Jagoff Tax.

When reached for comment after learning they were probably not going to win the poll, Breaking Burgh’s response was revealing.

“City Paper is fake news. Sad!”

Like this? Then why not VOTE FOR BREAKING BURGH as Best Local Blogger in the CP Best of Pittsburgh 2017 Poll.

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  1. Self promotion. Sad.
    Meanwhile, go to http://www.happyjames.blogspot.com

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