Local Catholic Woman Giving Up Giving For Lent

(Bloomfield, PA) After being harangued by her family and local community over it for days, local Catholic woman and mother of three Sandy DiCario has finally decided what she is giving up for Lent.


Ever since that insightful moment, Sandy has been embracing her Lenten sacrifice by not giving compliments, back rubs, rides to friends’ houses, the time, advice, and cash to anyone who asks for it without offering something in return.

“In Jesus’ name.”

Though a source of amusement to her family at first, after a couple of days her husband explained to Sandy that her choice was severely impacting her children’s leisure activities as well as many of his favorite after-work pursuits – for which the devout servant of Christ had a ready response.

“I’ve just thought of another thing I’m not giving any more – a shit.”

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