Local Family Dreading Having Altruistic Uncle Over For Thanksgiving

(Greene County, PA) On this Thanksgiving eve, a local family is yet again facing a once-a-year ritual that they feel they must endure in the name of kinship.

“It’s our uncle – we love him but he’s a lot to put up with.”

Though he keeps his thoughts to himself the rest of the year, the Thanksgiving dinner table is the one time he doesn’t feel shy about sharing his beliefs with the rest of the family.

“I’m dreading the moment when he says something horribly nice about black people.”

The family are taking bets on what new offensive position he’s subscribed to this time that is totally at odds with their way of life.

“My money’s on LGBTQ people being equal to the rest of us.”

Mainly, they will be focused on keeping politics out of any discussions, as that is bound to be a flash point.

“You’d think for one day out of the year he could at least pretend to hate Mexicans.”

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