Local Trump Supporter Expects Migrant Caravan To Overrun His Hometown Any Second Now

(Meadville, PA) A local man said goodbye to friends and family today after realizing that the migrant caravan he has been following nonstop on FOX News was probably going to overrun the place he calls home any second now.

“When they arrive here a few minutes from now I may go down but not without taking a few of them with me.”

Despite the caravan currently being located over 3000 miles away in southern Mexico, he does not expect to see another sunrise without the place he grew up in changing forever.

“I know they’re all got Meadville, Pennsylvania, on their lips.”

He said news that the southern border is being secured is of little comfort.

“Those migrants will simply jump into the Atlantic ocean, swim up the entire eastern seaboard to the Gulf of Saint Lawrence, and before supper they be walking out of Lake Erie to take what’s mine.”

4 Comments on "Local Trump Supporter Expects Migrant Caravan To Overrun His Hometown Any Second Now"

  1. It’s a joke, people. That’s what Breaking Burgh is about ~ jokes. I can’t believe people take this seriously.

  2. Will someone please cut him off the Koolaid?

  3. Is it me, or does he look like the late John McLaughlin? Are we SURE he’s dead, really?

  4. Yeah, right. They are willing to walk many thousands of miles just to focus in on your tiny town with the intent to do harm. Wht have you been smoking?

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