Lunatic Leader Warned Not To Test Resolve Of Lunatic Leader

Following his latest missile launch, lunatic leader of North Korea Kim Jong-un
has been warned by China not to test the resolve of the lunatic leader of the United States.

“Do not think you can intimidate him by being an unpredictable leader prone to tantrums. He won’t even notice.”

China is concerned that, being all wrapped up in his own bubble of neo-Stalinist insanity, Kim may not fully appreciate the level of ‘cray’ he is up against.

“When asked about attacking Syria this other lunatic leader gushed about how good the chocolate cake he was eating at the time was. For your own sake do not test him.”

The message may have gotten through as Kim is reportedly considering whether to concede the title of chief lunatic leader in light of the shock firing of FBI Director James Comey by President Trump.


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