Makers Of Ambien Proactively Deny Involvement In Lindsey Graham’s Meltdown

Saying they want to get ahead of any potential accusations of involvement, the makers of the drug Ambien stressed today that their product has nothing to do with Lindsey Graham’s outburst at the Kavanaugh hearings on Thursday.

“We are aware that our drug has made some people act nuts in the past, but nothing like what we saw today with Senator Graham. That’s some grade A crazy right there.”

They are keenly aware they are an easy target for people to blame when they do ‘batshit’ stuff, but insist Graham is not a user.

“As far as we know he’s not even trying to blame it on us. Like he’s not even regretting it, if you can believe that.”

The company requested that the Senator refrain from using their product if he is having trouble sleeping, suggesting he drink some warm milk and pop a benedryl instead.

“We rather just not be associated with whatever it is we saw today.”

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