Man Forced To Wear Mask At Giant Eagle Knows What Auschwitz Was Like Now

(Sharon, PA) A local man spoke out today about the pain of living in a state governed by a Nazi executive that is clearly out to get him and his kind.

“To all those who survived Hitler let me tell you, Führer Wolf is even worse! At least Hitler liked his dog and didn’t tell everyone they can’t dine indoors at 100% capacity because of some hoax pandemic!!!”

Though he now keeps himself informed by listening religiously to the Wendy Bell radio show each weekday, he admits he was ignorant before.

“I used to think the horrors of the Holocaust were overblown, but now I’ve been compelled to wear a 3-ply mask to buy groceries I can see their suffering is all too real because I’ve lived it too!”

If anything, he says what he has gone through over the past year is even worse than what he’s read about the concentration camp experience during the Third Reich.

“From what I understand they were allowed to socialize in close quarters and to get some exercise in local mines and quarries, whereas I’m being forced to communicate using Zoom and to exercise at home on my treadmill. Oh the humanity!”

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