Man Who Accidentally Listened To Wendy Bell Show Suing KDKA Radio Over Lost Brain Cells

A man who was passing through Pittsburgh is suing KDKA radio for damages due to a decline in his cognitive abilities after inadvertantly hearing one of their programmes earlier this week. He claims he was flipping through stations when the radio malfunctioned and couldn’t be changed or turned off.

“I was stuck on I-376 so I just had to keep listening to something called the Wendy Bell show.”

Almost immediately knew he was about to lose brain cells as Bell made wildly misleading comparisons to suggest authorities were deliberately lying to the public.

“She was comparing the worst case scenario from the Imperial Study – which assumes no pro-active measures or changes in indivudal behaviors – with current model estimates showing the reduced predictions due to mitigation efforts, and she used that as an argument AGAINST social distancing!”

Though he admits the incident was the unfortunate consequence of his radio malfunctioning, he maintains KDKA Radio shares responsibility for putting such a dangerously stupid product out on the airwaves.

“You can’t expose healthy neurons to that kind of abuse and expect them to keep functioning.”

The case will be heard in the Court of Common Pleas as soon as restrictions are lifted.

“I feel my chances are good as evidence in my favor continues to accumulate every weekday between 3 and 6pm.”

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53 Comments on "Man Who Accidentally Listened To Wendy Bell Show Suing KDKA Radio Over Lost Brain Cells"

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  5. Wow, is this the same guy that sued over getting burned by hot coffee at McDonalds?

    • Frivolous lawsuits should be high misdemeanors as well as civil torts punishable by stiff fines plus damages for any resulting consequences. It’s OK to be a Nobody seeking attention, but not at the expense of the Republic and its Citizens. We shall not be made fools of by fools!

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  8. It is not the absolute right of every American to speak their mind. Shocked? Hear it again: You do not have the right to just up and say anything you want. People constantly yammer about a ‘free country’ and infringement on their civil rights, but it is obvious from their simple-minded indignation that very few actually understand what the First Amendment and the overall Bill of Rights actually says. In Wendy’s case, there are two big reasons why she is not automatically entitled by ‘free speech’ to open her yap and spew forth whatever she pleases:

    1. KDKA is a privately held company. They own the soapbox that Wendy rants from. If they no longer wish to allow her to use their privately owned resources to spread her venom, it is their choice…not hers or yours. Enjoy your right to free speech on your own dime…or find a corner dowwntown.

    2. There is actually a substantial list of what is referred to as ‘unprotected speech’. Chief among them is a category called ‘incitement’, speech which is likely to provoke violent or lawless action…like the impassioned suggestion of killing people who deface monuments.

    Wendy fancies herself the Second Coming of Quinn…another failed media personality in the ‘Burgh who turned all ‘Shock Politics’ to try to make one last run in the market. Perhaps she aspires to greater things and thinks she’ll find them by fashioning her flash-bang political persona after someone you might otherwise only meet in a locked psych unit.

    Carry on with your bad self, Wendy. People only defend your ‘truth’ because it aligns with their own…not necessarily because there is any basis for it in reality.

  9. It hurts to hear the truth. However, Wendy Bell is only reporting the truth as she did on WTAE and KDKA radio. I would suggest you look at yourself in the mirror before judging others. Miss you Wendy and looking forward to seeing or hearing you again on the media. GO GET ‘em!!!!!!

  10. She is a menace to Pittsburgh. KDKA or any station that hires her should fear being held accountable for her remarks inciting violence. We all know there are people who should never have guns who could easily take her remarks to a lethal level. Also she downplays this virus. This could easily effect all of us Pittsburghers who have family members that could possibly die. How is she not worried about being responsible for people dying? It is bad enough that she ironically spreads the hate she says she so despises. She is just as hypocritcal as Trump with all of the lies. Claiming to be the only truth. Free Speech is one thing but hate and lies should never be cheered on. There needs to be a fact checker working on the side proving that most of what she says is not true.

  11. I am done with KDKA. What is going on? Wendy spoke her mind quite well and shutting her down makes me begrudge KDKA along with the left-wing media.

  12. than marty griffin needs to be fired for calling rachel levin mr and sir… since rachel is a transsexual…

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  14. This would be funny if wendy bell weren’t yet again proven correct. With social distancing the Imperial College predicted 1.1 million deaths. Fast forward to today, and many more have been harmed by lockdowns than by a virus.

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  17. Racism is a 2-way street! Yes white supreme. If it hasn’t ended after Lincoln & MLK… guess what!? It’ll never end!

  18. Joe giovengo | June 5, 2020 at 1:02 pm | Reply

    Wendy bell should be put away in a sanitarium. She is a menace to society and to her self

  19. I think the guy who posted that Wendy Bell’s show is satire might be misled….

  20. Morons and Wendy Bell are like dog shit and flies. And it’s so cute that you think you’re owning anyone other than yourself. Best get back to what y’all are good at, licking boots

  21. John Campbell | June 1, 2020 at 10:44 pm | Reply

    Love all the juice drinkers posting on hete

  22. Tommy Athens | April 19, 2020 at 9:08 pm | Reply

    Are all of you people really this stupid? The story is fake. Breaking Burgh is a satire website.

  23. How do people constantly miss that Wendy Bell’s KDKA Radio is purely satire? If people would read the description/synopsis of the show they would know the views expressed by Wendy are purely to make you think about current situations we are facing. I guess some Liberals, Far Lefts and Democrats just can’t think out of their indoctrinated box. Wendy please continue being you, you’re brilliant in tour delivery.

  24. Anti Snowflake | April 17, 2020 at 8:01 am | Reply

    Why is it that these crazy people that can’t except a different opinion feel that that opinion should be censored? Turn the channel, it’s real easy . They are just looking for attention and this moron is getting it

  25. maybe she should put out a disclaimer and tell the democrats who apparently hate her she voted 2x for their beloved Obummer

  26. Love Wendy Bell!

  27. I have no use for a person that doesn’t know how to turn the volume down

  28. Love Wendy Bell! She speaks her mind… she is a strong woman! The only people that hate her are brainwashed Bill Peduto followers. WTAE was WEAK when they fired her! Her comments on Facebook were NOT racist. She is not racist in the least. They twisted the entire story bro try and destroy her. Good luck with this stupid lawsuit! You will not win!!

    • You needn’t be a criminal profiler to draw a mental sketch of the killers who broke so many hearts two weeks ago Wednesday. … They are young black men, likely in their teens or in their early 20s,” she posted on her Facebook.

      “They have multiple siblings from multiple fathers and their mothers work multiple jobs. These boys have been in the system before. They’ve grown up there. They know the police. They’ve been arrested.”

  29. She speaks her mind! Isn’t that our right as an American? This guy is a douche. Turn the show off and stop being a dramatic jerk! So let’s sue everyone that offends us or that We don’t agree with! Enough of this.

  30. Trump Derangement Syndrome is alive and well in the minds of America’s liberals. Wow. Unbelievable how they use profanity and make false accusations. Wendy’s show is great!

  31. Can’t stand listening to her. I turn off the radio as soon as Lynne Hays Freeland show is over at 3. She is crazy. No wonder Channel 4 fired her. She needs to go. Maybe she will end up on Fox News .

  32. Get this piece of shut off the air!! She’s a racist who spreads lies and conspiracy theories!!! F off Wendy. Shut the F up!!!

  33. She’s an asshole!!!

  34. People who might happen to wander onto KDKA RADIO and think that Wendy Bell and her ridiculous, uninformed, bigoted, alarming, dangerous and racist rants and unhinges conspiracy theories represent anything close to reality, or anything that resembles truth are sadly mistaken. Furthermore, anyone with a brain living here would be really mislead!!! Her bullshit and lies are nothing but an audition to work for Fox News, where truth has nothing to do with what they broadcast. They have no relationship to the truth and neither does Wendy, who bases her myths and misinformation on the crazy conspiracy theories she hears on OAN and Newsmax-both of which are right wing, radically religious spin machines for Trump. She is completely out of her mind and irresponsible!!!! KDKA RADIO should be ashamed of hiring a spineless bottom-feeder like her!!! WTAE had the good sense to fire her after her racist Facebook rant a few years are ago. People of Pittsburgh-WAKE THE HELL UP!! You are better than this!!!!

  35. Take his license away, the moron . Someone should sue him for idiocy

  36. Good luck with the lawsuit ..I am rooting for you ..she is a pot stirrer.

  37. So stupid! He had no brain cells to begin with!

  38. She is a disgrace.

  39. Implying he had a brain cell to begin with…I think not. Love her!

  40. She is a sad excuse for an American. Good luck w law suit

  41. For real! Turn your radio off if you don’t like what you hear! I think he had a pre-existing condition if you get my drift!

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