Man Who Hates Socialism Excited At Prospect Of Government Stimulus Check

(Sharon, PA)  A local Trump supporter is said to be ‘over the moon’ at news he will likely soon be the beneficiary of a stimulus payout from the US Government. The man – who will have nothing to do with the Democratic Party because of their disgusting socialist tendencies – is looking forward to receiving his check, possible through the US Postal Service that he didn’t build all by himself and that allows him to miraculously send documents anywhere in the country for 55ยข should he need to. Failing that he is more than happy to use the public roads he failed to pour using his own personal resources to drive to wherever the checks are being distributed. Asked what he will do with the money, he plans to buy more bumper stickers denouncing the ‘libturds’ for their communist ways and to make a donation to his local Republican Congressman who has promised to lower taxes even further for a wealthy elite he will never be a part of.

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5 Comments on "Man Who Hates Socialism Excited At Prospect Of Government Stimulus Check"

  1. I thought only porn stars got checks from President Trump!


  3. As a black man I know democrats are bigots. I wouldn’t take their dirty money at all and am leaving to fight the liberal bigots in the civil war they themselves started. Notice how democrats are the first to start name calling. Sick communists. Democrats are already murdering children so yeah glad for this man but I personally wouldn’t take their money

    • I would like to know which Democrats have used name calling. I will be happy to agree with you if I could find evidence of any thing like that has occured in the last 20 years or so.

  4. Perfectly nuanced, or should I say succinctly laid cognitive dissonance of western PAans who are financially Democrats but think they’re big biz billionaires. Laughable. I grew up near Pittsburgh, si I’m very clear about that mindset. I hope they will extract themselves from platitudes of RepublicOnism that renders them numb to the absurd & failed theory of trickle down Reaganomics. Can the small biz man here living in a world of bravado understand another Republicult financial heist is occuring right here right now. It was brought on by trump & cult and after the complete wreckage, well be blamed on Dems. Or the government. Or the Feds. Or China. Or Europe. Or small businessmen.

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