Marie Kondo Advises Throwing Out Relatives That No Longer Bring You Joy

Image credit: 'Marie Kondo speaking' by Flickr user RISE license CC BY 2.0.

Netflix has a new hit on its hands, Tidying Up with Marie Kondo, that Americans simply can’t get enough of.

“Her tips are so great – especially the one about clearing out musty old books and relatives that are cluttering up your home.”

Kondo, the Japanese organizing consultant behind the KonMari method of keeping things neat and tidy, is proving hugely popular, especially with those prone to hoarding old newspapers and other junk like cantankerous family members.

“Just throw them out – it may hurt at first but you’ll get over it in no time!”

Kondo also has sage advice geared towards newlyweds, who may be inexperienced in managing a home.

“Just go with your gut when designing a layout. If you don’t like it after a few months, simply throw out your furniture and spouse and start again!”

30 Comments on "Marie Kondo Advises Throwing Out Relatives That No Longer Bring You Joy"

  1. Unfortunately in the state I live in you have to go through the process of filing eviction procedures which take months. I think the homeless shelters are too full. Takes away the sheer delight of spontaneous tossing out of belongings and rude coinhabitants! This is true even if they are ungrateful leeches. Think hard before you take in someone. There is usually a good reason they are homeless!

  2. I’ve done it several times. Look people family is only a biological chain . Chemistry is what loves you and what you love. I’ve put up with far too much pain and have finally drawn a line and enough is enough. I’m 51 now so my filters are off. Dont dick me around or piss me off. Il not have any of it . Life is too short . Life is precious !

  3. No satire, here. I actually did this with a parent. For reals. My life feels SO much better.

  4. Just fold your unruly children in half and in half again, then in thirds and stand them up in the drawer.

  5. My mother did not want to meet my new girlfriend – wrong color… dropped her!

    MY sister refused to help find a lawyer in her town for me …she refused as she judged my case …dropped her!

    Ex-wife thought gambling would make the family fortune – I was left bankrupt… dropped her!!

    Told the daughter to start acting like a daughter – not a driver/wallet for her … dropped her…!

    Threw out all the Pharma crap also….

    I may be alone and lonely – but at leasty I am no longer angry all day….

  6. Honestly, rings true even if it’s satire. Got rid of my wife and kids a couple of months ago. They had terrible negativity and were taking a toll on my mental health. Never been happier!

    • If you helped make the kids you are forever tied to them and can’t just throw them out. That makes you a worthless father. This is coming from a kid who didn’t have a dad.

  7. People forget this is a satirical blog….now who’s the dumb ass

  8. Ew. What a dumb ho.

  9. Life is not jus about you and what you want to do. Be considerate whatever you throw. Think before you act. You could have been thrown away right from the start.

  10. This is true. Throw away all things that does not add VALUE to you. Both Things and People 😁😁😁

  11. Throwed my parents away 10years ago…

  12. Leonard Anthony Arcilla | January 22, 2019 at 1:39 am | Reply

    This is really effective. Useless relatives that do not bring you joy should be thrown out. It really worked for me.

  13. Kelvin Merrick | January 21, 2019 at 10:00 am | Reply

    Karma – what goes out comes back.

  14. This may be satire, but it’s great advice.

  15. It may be satire, but there’s a ring of truth underneath the satire! Coming from someone with toxic relatives that I’ve had to cut out of my life to protect my kids. :/

  16. So true asleigh!

  17. This article is Satire. Don’t take it seriously you idiots.

  18. Ngee..dili oi, try to repair muna… family if forever dili pd proke pasaway mama or papa or kapatid then i salikway na…. no, carry your cross and follow me as Jesus said…. keep praying lang, help the needy basi kulang lng sa attention,,

  19. SOCIOPATH: a person with a personality disorder manifesting itself in extreme antisocial attitudes and behavior and a lack of conscience.

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