Meghan Markle Enters US Presidential Race

(Windsor, UK) The US Presidential race has a new candidate in contention today as Meghan Markle, The Duchess of Sussex, announced her entry into the fray. She first consulted Orpah and Michelle Obama to make sure they didn’t want to run, and will tell voters that “If you want a celebrity President you might as well have a competant one!”

Being a natural born US citizen over the age of 35, Markle is qualified to occupy the White House, and she has reportedly already received the blessing from the Queen, who told her to ‘knock that vile man off his perch’. Having Markle as the US President is also expected to make state visits to the UK much easier, as she and Prince Harry can stay in their old rooms and already know their way about.

Markle is expected to run as an independent, as her and her husband’s name recognition and powerful connections obviate the need for a party machine. Regarding Markle’s platform, it is said to not directly correspond to either the traditional right or left positions. She will drop her royal title if elected, though Prince Harry will retain his as First Man is not an official role.

Understandably suspicious of the media, Markle is expected to take a hard line with the fourth estate that may resonate with some Trump supporters, though her targets are expected to be the National Inquirer and Hello Magazine rather than CNN and the Associated Press.

Another asset in Markle’s favor is the perception of Prince Harry as a ready-made First Man, given that he is well-liked and has extensive experience cutting ribbons to open schools and other politically non-toxic activities.

5 Comments on "Meghan Markle Enters US Presidential Race"

  1. None likes her character. Her mother is black but she is white like her father. She is not liked in uk or usa by black or white …
    She is liked by her PR trolls doing damage control and by the ignorant…

    She was in south africa supposed to be bringin awareness to real victims.but she brought awareness to how difficult her life is and no one asks if SHE is ok. She did PR and flew home to her big house, meanwhile young girls and boys being raped on the daily and the white farmers in fear of being SLAUGHTERED next were neither afforded the luxury to escape their hell nor afforded a platform for awareness to go out to the world because princess actor felt entitled to use it for acting career as a spoiled self titled victim..


  2. Assistant niles | January 14, 2020 at 1:26 am | Reply

    I believe she would win

  3. I believe she could get elected

  4. Please! The ppl don’t even like her in the UK

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